Friday, July 16, 2010

How do they do it?!

You may wonder what this is. If you know, then I am impressed. 
After being in the courtroom for two days,  I couldn't help but wonder how the court reporter did her thing. I got a little closer look this morning, but still couldn't see how so few keys could allow her to record everything that was being said. I found the whole thing rather intriguing and often found myself staring at her typing and the narrow strip of paper that kept feeding through the machine. So tonight, while I am waiting to get sleepy, I decided to satisfy my curiosity. That's the great thing about the internet. You can find out just about anything. The above are the keys on a court reporter's machine and you can learn all about how it works here. I think I can go to sleep. One less thing to wonder about.

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  1. Hi Girlfriend!
    I have to admit, when you were released from jury duty I was a bit relieved, only because my first time on jury duty was a very traumatic event! I know that's not always the case of course, and that it can actually be very interesting... we'll see what happens for us both next time!

    You know, interestingly enough, I've had one friend and one acquaintance to to court reporter school and it is not only VERY difficult, but it is a VERY stressful career! I guess it can be quite lucrative and you can be highly in demand, but gosh, I can't even imagine doing that! I suppose it would also have a real interest factor to it - just like getting to hear all kinds of court cases - but still, I'd have to say no thanks. Pretty ingenious form of communication and machine though - for sure!


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