Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside.

This was 8:30 this morning.

For anyone living where winter really means winter: thick parkas, snow boots, scrape the ice off the car windows, snow shovels, below freezing temperatures for weeks, months on end, this weather forecast probably looks heavenly. But for those of us who rarely see temperatures dip below 40, we're FREEZING here in Mesa! My feet are like blocks of ice dangling at the end of my legs. I use a heating pad and a blow dryer to warm up my bed at night before I climb in. In case this is beginning to sound like complaining, it's not. I'm just stating the facts. I reserve my weather complaints for summer.
We don't really own any winter clothes, because the window of opportunity to wear winter clothes is very small: A brief frigid dash to the car (heated) in the morning to drive to school (heated). By the time the afternoon rolls around, we're already done with the jacket. We don't even buy our kids jackets anymore. We have lost so many over the years, that it's not really worth it. But, every now and again, like this morning, it would be nice to own one. Emma pieced her winter wear together and left for school wearing a long sleeved shirt, my sweater, an over sized, old lady sweater lovingly made by Brian's talented Uncle Harold, two pairs of gloves (she was trying to squeeze on a 3rd pair when I finally said, "Enough!" and shooed her out the door), a scarf and hat. We'll see what she comes home with this afternoon. Adam wore long johns under his jeans. Might be time to head to the local Thrift store to try our luck at their selection. But... if we hold out for a few days, they'll be back to wearing t-shirts and shorts. Better wait. :-)

Emma and Hina (who was wearing more manageable layers), walking to the bus stop. 
Until warmer days...bundle up and make some hot chocolate. Stay warm!


  1. Cute girlies! What is it about photos from behind...? I just *LOVE* photos from behind. Let me think... I guess because they're usually less staged, and somehow It's like peoples' characters show right through to their back side!

    I know what you mean about the weather! I have friends buried in snow drifts up to their earlobes, but when we leave at 6:30 and it's in the upper 20's with no cold weather clothes to compensate....... it's COLD!!! I'll be the first to admit though, I secretly wish it would last all year! :)

  2. I'm right there with you, Megan. I love wearing warm clothes...ALL day... and not just in the morning. Upon closer inspection of the girls from behind, it looks a little like Emma has a death grip on little Hena. :-) She's a cute neighbor. One of 5 girls.


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