Friday, January 21, 2011

Casey: Senior 2011

       Casey's stepmom, Laurie, who lives in Wisconsin wanted to give Casey her Senior pictures as a gift. When I met Casey, I felt the love that her step mom has for her and I knew immediately why she thinks Casey is so special. Casey is a beautiful girl, who exudes confidence, humility, sweetness and a sense of fun among other things. She is going to go far. She's been involved with theater in High School, but is thinking about going into medicine. 

The possibilities are endless for a girl like Casey.


  1. Maria, These pics are awesome!! Absolutely fantastic!!

  2. Maria,

    Thank you so much! The pictures are AMAZING! But I have to say having such a BEAUTIFUL subject has to make your job easier! ;) You are very talented and we appreciate you and ability to not only capture Casey's beauty, but her personality too! I LOVE THEM!
    Laurie Ellings

  3. These are the most stunning pictures! You captured her beauty and personality! Thank you, I LOVE THEM!
    Casey's Aunt Erin!

  4. You are the most beautiful girl ever!!

  5. Awesome pictures!!!!
    Beautiful girl!!!!
    Pops and Mama Berta


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